Whether a season or that sentence between paragraphs, a well planned, well executed transition is my favorite. We live among old oaks whose bark is wizened. They are the last to turn their leaves and sometimes, they skip the yellow and just drop them. The birch and elder play along with fall and autumn, but our oaks are beyond it.

In Oregon, fall and autumn came so steadily and then in October, a rain storm would ravish the trees, and Halloween was spent under slickers and walking on all the leaves knocked down by the wind. There is a steadiness of the seasons and still an unknown of the transition and how it will settle, how it will sit. Will we, readers of seasons or essays, be easily moved from one idea to another, or will it jar us, knock our leaves off, and leave us rereading or trying to decide where we are in the entirety of the experience?

Photo by  Chris Pagan  on  Unsplash

Photo by Chris Pagan on Unsplash

We are in a mighty transition now. As the world warms up and parts of the globe become inhabitable. It will move us, whether we want it to or not, to evolve, adapt, change. As school systems change because of the increased efficiency of our learners forces it to, we have an opportunity to re-think education, what it is for, and how it is delivered. As workforce trends continue to influence the influx of technology and automation, we can take this time to think what work can and should look like for each individual within the organization.

We are in transition.

And what I love about transition is the ability to see change appear.

Change is here. It is. Will we hold on to our leaves so desperately like old oaks, or will we be like the aspens and maples, leading the way and blazing the path with our brilliant colors?