Lay Overs

If you fly Icelandair, you can schedule a stop over in Iceland for no additional cost. What a great way to promote more tourist traffic to the country and, perhaps, a way to take care of their staff to get them home more often. I’m not sure, it is just a guess, but I know that there are places you can’t fly to in one shot and you have to take a lay over, so why not increase the likelihood of someone then spending time and money on theirs?

Other layovers aren’t as spectacular as taking a day or two to stop in Iceland, but still are vital to the overall travel experience. We certainly won’t be flying direct to Australia from Minnesota anytime soon. Los Angeles is an essential stop on that travel excursion as the pacific ocean isn’t tiny.

Traveling through our careers are no different, really. Sometimes it is necessary to take a position that seems a little out of the way, or seemingly a nuisance, but in reality, for your overall health and to ensure you get to where you want to go, it is necessary.

image from wiki commons

image from wiki commons

I’ve taken a few “layover” positions in my career journey. Jobs that seem off pointe or a little out of scope, but in reality have been crucial for me to develop the skills and talents necessary to perform the next role. Every position I have held, I have made sure that it provided me a skill or a set of learnings that make me a better fit for whatever is next.

Flying straight through to the destination isn’t always the best decision, and for impatient people that is hard to hear. However, if we take an Icelandair approach, and be intentional about our layovers, we may just enhance our journey with some unexpected beauty.