Revise v. Refine

Revise. Again. Cut, tear, push, pull. Read. Revise. Again.

It is an endless cycle, and one that cannot be avoided if refinement is the goal. We only refine after we have a foundation that is sturdy and strong. When we first start in our career, we will take many years building our foundation one questioned and revised block at a time. 

amphitheater on Raspberry Island, MN

amphitheater on Raspberry Island, MN

It is tireless work and often mistaken as a quest for perfection, but there is no perfection. There is persistence that pays off in satisfaction, but to rest on the laurels of perfection is a charlatan's dream. Once the foundation is tested, cracks come, blocks split, and we tear down and revise again. 

Refinement comes softly, slowly, and simply. Refinement is a pinch of essence here and there. It is a grapple between a word, not a phrase. It is a sweet perfume earned, tirelessly, with the pursuit of a sturdy base. 

Revise until you trip into the refined sense of yourself. And then do it again.