Today, what are you saying yes to? Is it in alignment with your personal why? Is it serving you well?

Photo by  RayBay  on  Unsplash

Photo by RayBay on Unsplash

Often we pick up the routine at the beginning of the day, week, month, year, with little more than a glance or a consideration. When I lived in LA, it was crazy to watch how traffic shifted from the weekdays to the weekends. Weekend traffic was chaotic and unpredictable because people weren't on autopilot. They had to think about where they were going, how to cross six lanes of traffic in order to get to the exit. More accidents and road rage happen on the weekends because people are awake and frustrated that it isn't going as smoothly as it "should." The only reason the should feels so foreign is because we aren't necessarily awake to or aware of the rote. 

Saying yes is a conscious way of waking up. Saying yes confirms the choice and allows us to consider if it is the right thing to say yes today.