Finding the right fit

I don't use a tailor, I just try on a lot of different sizes and brands trying to find the right fit. Jeans and companies are a lot alike, they make their standard product and expect us to fit our unique asses in. 

And when I find the fit that makes my butt look great, I'm loyal. 

And there is a place for tailoring. No company is going to be perfect. Just like no jean fit is. They get close, and there is usually an element that we will compromise for the rest. The important piece is knowing what you are willing to compromise and what you are not. 

Non-negotiables are vital for understanding what the next step can and will be. 

For jeans, I can't have a muffin top, I have to be able to do squats without my underwear showing in the back, and they have to be long enough so I can wear both heels and flats with them. The last one I actually will compromise if I fall in love with the feel, but it stays on the list because I don't want a junked up closet that will only work with certain shoes. 

I don't want a junked up work environment in which I compromise my why or my values. Instead, I want a company that gets it almost right. A company that reflects my values and one that allows me to work my why for the better of the whole.