Simulated Success

Extrinsic motivation will only work so long until the stimulus gets old, the routine tired, or the subject wears out. Genius is born out of wonder, dedication and the privilege of time.

Are we giving time for people to discover their own paths? Are we carving time out and setting the expectation that developing and experimenting are imperative parts of the work?

Certainly, we can set up simulations, copy someone else’s genius and a spark may turn to smoke and a little flame. If we want bonfire results, we have to get out of the way of wonder. As supervisors/teachers/managers/parents, we are the bellows, blowing air into the coals of our employees/students/kids. And when that fire catches, and the motivation is roaring with the rise of flames, we step back and watch in wonder of how success, true success, can transform dry logs into blistering heat.

Success must be fostered, fed, and owned by the creator. Success cannot be simulated.