In motion

We are in constant motion. Blinking of eyes, twitching of nerves, shifting of muscles. We must move so we do not become stiff and stale. 

In our professions it is no different. As we truly enter into a season in which it is a job seeker's market, it is important for hiring organizations to see the opportunity of being part of people's professional gain as fiscally more of a gain than capturing a person's talent. 

People don't like to be captured. 

People like to be valued and invested in. 

Gallup reports a mere 33.3% of people who are engaged at work. What is happening with the other two thirds of staff? Gone are the days of transactional work. People do not owe any loyalty to a company, and it is actually up to the company to actively invest in their human capital in order to increase their bottom line. 

2018 is on the horizon. As you set vision and strategy, what will you do to invest in your people's professional gains? How will you create momentum for people to perform to the best of their ability? How will you become an employer of choice, not because you have all the check list things that "millennials" want, but that you have asked and listened to what your employees need and put their words into action. Into motion. 

I quote Simon Sinek over and over because it is true: People don't buy what you do, but why you do it. It is no different for your employees. You want them to build your company? You have to provide opportunities for them to build themselves.