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headshotfebtall1The road is crooked, twisted, and curvy. There are shadows, cool spots and places that evoke fear. However, fear is conquered with every choice we make to see the dark as learning opportunities and the warmth as places where we bask in His love. We have opportunities to live in love which conquers fear.

My writing path started with the publishing of my family news at the tender age of six. I was proud of my investigative reporting, which included the ball chasing of Donovan the dachshund. The path has been shaded and cooled by doubt and distractions since then, but here I am.

“Here” is facing a career steeped in education reform. Here is creating new paths to use good tools within educational settings. Here is questioning why and figuring out my own. Here is in my core, which focuses on learning for all, not just for some. Unearthing passion and purpose are at my rooted center, and this is ever nuanced, shifty, and downright challenging.

Here is to you and me and this journey through the new perspectives of education; thanks for joining in.


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