Asset Based Work Spaces

In Southeast Minnesota (SEMN), our unemployment rate is 3.2%. Many think that is amazing and a great problem to have. It would be if Gallup wasn’t reporting that nationally, only 31.9% on our workforce is actively engaged in their jobs. We have a lot of people misplaced in the workforce. We have people in positions that they hate, that they dread getting up in the morning to go to. We can talk a lot about company culture and bosses versus leaders, but at the end of the day it is our job, the person, to make sure we are in the right fit for our talents. If not, it is time to move or make a change.

Four domains of strengths show how 34 strengths shuffle into influencing, executing, relationship building, and strategic thinking. Image from Monroe Community College.

We are perfectly equipped. It’s true. We all have strengths to offer, and when we are actively working from our strengths we are more productive. In fact, Gallup says that those who are actively using strengths daily are 93% of the time engaged at work. That means a happier, healthier work culture, that means retention of employees is easier, and clearly, the bottom line, however an organization or business measures that, is positively effected.

If you haven’t taken your strengths finder, I would encourage you to do so. It is a timed psychometric based in positive psychology. It encourages people to work from their strengths, understand their weaknesses and blind spots, and fill those appropriately. When consulting, I often hear people focus on their weaknesses and want to build those up. Strengths finder shows the test-retest reliabilities of 0.60-0.80. Working on your weaknesses will not make a huge difference to your strengths. In fact, it may deter and/or frustrate from an asset based workplace, because we are truly, perfectly equipped.

Task today:

Answer the following:

How can your strengths further the mission of your organization?

What is one change you can make to activate your strengths in a meaningful way in your current position?

What aspects of your job excite you and push you into Flow?

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