Favorite of the day

Exploring new albums of beloved artists. My favorite today is Cloud Cult. Listening to how an album comes together and builds is one of my favorite moments. And I get lost in it. I will listen to an album over and over and I might not be able to tell you the titles to every song, but I typically will know the lyrics and how each song feeds into the next.

Task today:

Listen to an album beginning to end and start to weave together lyrics or movements to where you are in life right now.

My weaving from Cloud Cult’s The Seeker album:

From The Great Unknown: “The pathmaker is a trickster, so make your own damn road.”

From Days to Remember: “Turn off the phone and throw away the clock,/and the endless things you think you have to do.”

From No Hell: “And someone tell the devil we don’t need no hell/ We’re all pretty good at beating up ourselves”

From Everything You Thought You Had: “Everyone here has got a shadow./And everyone has their share of hurt.”

From “Time Machine Invention: “If you give this moment your fullest attention/ We’ll just keep going forwards with no need for going back.”

From “The Pilgrimage: “Don’t let ‘em tell you how to live,/ These are the things that you don’t need anymore.”

From “Through the Agest: “I don’t know where we’re from, but we came here to be./ We came here to be courageous.”

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