So, I have some 'splaining to do

No, it will take too long, let me sum up:

I, like Inigo have a secret. I am actually left handed, so that isn’t much of a parallel there, yet I am still smirking. Because I know something you don’t know…I am no longer in the classroom.

That’s right, I am no longer teaching. In fact, I left the classroom in January. Contrary to popular belief, I love the classroom, I miss the classroom, the district did not push me out or hold my license captive. In fact, I am happily a licensed secondary teacher and plan on continuing my professional development to keep that licensure.

So why did I leave?

Because it was time.

Education is held in a silo. We house ourselves in Prince Humperdink’s castle on the hillside. It is highly misunderstood and yet talked about by other professionals. We need education reform! Common core is the devil! These kids are awful, what are teachers doing? When I was in school…. All of these phrases are just that, words, words, words. And we need more people in the realm of business and politics speaking the language of educators. We need more people asking, “Interesting that you want to reform education. What do the educators think? No, not leadership. The educators?”

Education is a profession.

People choose it, study for it, and train in it.

Educating is an art. Just like you want the surgeon who has perfected her technique, so do you want the educator who has as well. And yet we do not have a training system in place for educators like we do medical doctors. We allow teachers out of the gate early and allow the same level of criticism as a tenured teacher. It isn’t surprising that we lose 40-50% of educators within the first 5 years.

We need translators, connectors, people who can see simultaneously the students and global commodities. Yes, educators produce the hottest commodity on the globe, and they are superheroes in the making. They are the only manufacturers who have to have the product buy in before they can produce.

It is a tangled web, this education reform, and we would best remember that we cannot do it in isolation. We need the education and community leaders to partner. And we need me, the Wesley’s of the world who love the buttercup of education so much that I am willing to topple down a hillside for you.


Never seen The Princess Bride? Please take the time to do so.

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