Make the choice – school for all

I love Good. It is a community of folks who are collaborating to make local communities that much better. When cynicism creeps in, I go there to be inspired, to remember, to be surrounded by people who want to facilitate change and are doing it. The infographic links to some important information to have while looking at the way we “do school” because we aren’t doing school for all.

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There is an educational gap and I would argue that it has to do with economics and with understanding how one is wired. The more a student is equipped to advocate for how he or she learns, the better.

Education isn’t something that just happens to people, it is a conscious choice every day.

However, when extenuating circumstances get in the way, the choice to learn isn’t made. When a student is fighting for a place to belong, a place to live, a place to breathe, academics quickly take a back seat. When do we do something to support the stark facts for those who cannot thrive in a traditional setting? When do we actually teach students how they learn versus what to learn? Maybe, just maybe we can then uncover the important answer they are all personally looking for: Why should I learn?

Let’s start there, and then we can start to chip away at rate of students who are opting out of college. and apollo group put together this interactive infographic about high school drop out rates

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